When you start a travel agency you will realize that you will come across multiple roadblocks. You will struggle to get your first customer and finding the right product and get an general idea how to operate your travel agency with optimum efficiency! I know how that feels! I have been there before and had to figure it out all by myself.

How to start a travel agency in the Philippines!

This site is devoted to supply you the right information and help you make a better decision what to do and if you should do it at all. I can tell you with passion that I truly enjoy the entire travel industry. It is one of the fun things in life, especially traveling the world for “work”.

You can find here everything what you need to start a travel agency and get your travel agency to the next level. A travel agency does take some work but the rewards outweights the work. Why? Because you make their dream a reality. This is the most wonderful thing in life!

How can this site help my travel agency?

This site provides you with much information and gives you access to key essentials that are needed. Learning from my mistakes that cost me 15000 PHP that could just be avioded by just informing a customer is already worth something. Not only that, on this site you receive additional updates about the travel industry. Something that you truly need to do if you want to be on top of your game!

Besides helping you we also can refer you to a high quality Travel Agency Set Up package. This is a TA package for everyone who really wants to start in the business. It is valuable and offers everything you need to get started in the business.

Finally, there is also a forum open for every aspiring travel agent or anyone who wants to get started in this industry. Here you can share and connect with others.

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