Tourism and travel industry performance May 2015

Are you aware how fast the tourism to Philippines is growing? In here you can find all the essential information that might help you on your way for your travel agency.

NB: The information here is probably very useful if you are planning to start an outbound travel agency. 

Visitor Receipts

Earnings generated from tourism activities in the first five months of 2015 grew 2.74%, aggregating to Php 93.907 billion from the Php 91.404 billion recorded last year. For May alone, visitor receipts amounted to Php 16.77 billion which is 2.40% higher than the previous year’s earnings of Php 16.38 billion.




Average Daily Expenditure (ADE) of international visitors for the month of May 2015 was recorded at Php 4,583.29 while Average Length of Stay (ALoS) for the same month registered 10.11 nights.   On the other hand, Average per capita expenditure of visitors for the month in review was Php 46,337.09.







The top 12 Countries that visit the Philippines

Based on the information here you notice that South Korea and the United States is the biggest market. If you are planning to become an outbound travel agency focusing on these markets.

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