Home based travel agency or an office based travel agency?

When you start your travel agency you will be having two options. This is what I call a fork in the road. Will you create a home based travel agency or a nice store front travel agency? This choice will have a big impact on your business and finances.

What are the differences between a home based travel agency and a store front travel agency?

A home based travel agency is considered home based. You work from home or where ever you prefer. It gives you absolute freedom. Some will even work in the local coffee store like Bo`s Coffee of Starbucks. As long you have internet you are very flexible working.

A store front is a more location bound travel agency. With this decision you must realize you will add on additional costs. You will need to pay for the rent and other facilities. This main difference is crucial. Due to the monthly payments you will need to get customers quick and at least have some financial back up until you are reaching breakeven. A store front does have other benefits. People will see you and become visible because of the foot traffic in your area. A shopping mall is an ideal place to be located. Of course choosing a location be done with a lot of though.

What is better for most people, home based or store front travel agency?

Are you just starting out or are you planning to do this part time? From personal experience I know that starting small and gradually growing will be the best. Starting from home you do not need any special investment. In the beginning you will have to be fluent with the process. Making qoutations for a customer takes time. Your very first try will take you 10 minutes or more. Once you did this many times you will learn how to make a quotation in a minute.

Why a home based travel agency is better for you when you start.

Why is small better? The real reason is you have to learn the business. Many people who start a travel agency usually do not have a background of travel related studies. They do have one thing in common, and that is a passion for travel. That is all what you need to start and succeed in this business. As a rookie in town you will need to learn and probably make mistakes. If you start out you have to discover everything. This takes time and you do not want to make the mistakes in front of a customer.

Customer in a store front travel agency expects that you know everything. They want to be served quick and offer great quality. As a starter you might not always be able to do this. This is the primairy reason why a home based travel agency is very suitable to start with. You can learn everything without any pressure. Once you have all the information ready you call or mail the customer back with the right details. It can be a hour later or even a day later. The customer is not waiting in your store.

I want to have a store front travel agency!

Maybe you truly want a store front travel agency. You love to meet your customers and talk with them about their travel plans face to face. If you start immediately big that is wonderful. All you need to do is practice in advance so you know the process of travel booking and processing. Just think of yourself as an employee. When you hire someone you want to make sure they are qualified or properly trained. In this case you are hiring yourself. Ask yourself am I qualified or properly trained to handle customers. A training will be helpful and especially role playing.

I want to start a travel agency, how to start?

We offer a high quality how to set up a travel agency package. It is the entire set up with many high quality tour operators and destinations for a very good price. When you start in travel you must make your product the best. We can provide you all the information you need. Why, take this Travel Agency set up package? In travel you will notice that the competition with the best price will win! They can compete with price and offer many destinations. This difference will play a large role in your success as a travel agency owner. We can help you right away and have everything you need ready!

Go and get started right away! Take the travel agency set up course and achieve financial freedom!

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