How to start a home based travel agency?

Many people I have spoken will always ask this question. How to start a home based travel agency? if you are reading this I suspect you are also thinking about starting a travel agency from home. So, read on and get all the information you need about how to start a home based travel agency!

Why you want to start a home based travel agency?

Before I even start answering the question I want to discuss the why you want to start a home based travel agency. The why is important because this will motivate you to get started. I truly belief that a strong reason to start will give you as a entrepreneur a head start.

  1. Want to be financially free?
  2. Want to be your own boss?
  3. Do not like the standard 9 to 5 jobs
  4. Can`t stand your work
  5. You love to travel

Understanding your why is probably more important than the how at first! Being a travel entrepreneur is fun IF you love to travel! You will love to share what you know and your travel experiences with (potential) customers. In reality a travel agency can be seen as a “travel school”. You the travel agent is the teacher and your customers are your students. You customer will ask you question and you have to give your very best. Answering everything possible and giving tips and suggestions of places to visit.

Because you will have alot of questions to answer you truly must have a passion to travel. Your passionate stories will affect their mood and influence them to buy from you. The best travel story teller will be able to get many customers! So, why do you want to start a travel agency? I hope it is because you love it, have passion for travel and love to share you passion!

Why passion is essential in any business! Especially the travel agency business.

When I talk to many travel agency business owners they all share the same story. They started with no real background experience, but they love to travel. That love kept their business alive. When they started out they all had a struggle to promote and to figure out their entire business process. Most of them said that after two years they truly understood the entire business and were doing great.

The only reason the travel agency business owners were able to succeed and had the patience to become really good at travel agency is by having a passion for travel! You need to have your passion to keep you motivated when things are looking bleak. The reason why it also takes two years is because you need to travel! Every season have new trends and wonderful new sight to see! And if you love travel these so called “business trips” is a wonderful event to experience. You have to know what you sell and so you will invest alot in your own travel business trips! But that is also the fun part of travel!

Now you understand that passion is essential for a successful travel agency. Let`s look at the how.

How to start a home based travel agency?

So how to start a home based travel agency? There are a few steps that you must follow. Without those steps you will experience some struggle and most likely your business will eventually close down. So here are the steps to set it up.

  1. Have all the official documentation
  2. Learn your travel agency business craft!
  3. Have the right travel products and tour packages
  4. Start promoting

Look at the steps. They are placed in this order because they need to be in order. You can see this is the recipe of a successful travel agency set up. You must build it this way or else you can make costly mistakes!

Have all the official documentation, DTI & Business Permit

This is probably the set that we all know. Before you can start a business you must have a business permit. Some people would recommend to run your business first and once it goes well you start to register a busines permit and DTI. That advise makes sense but it will not work in the travel agency business. If you want to have the right packages and information you must have a business permit. Or else you cannot obtain the right tour packages and products.

You might be able to get some packages, but I can tell from experience. The best tour operatours and packages will never accept “half-baked” businesses. This means you will get packages from extremely expensive tour operatours and you even cannot compete with you fellow competing travel agencies. That means you will be out of business in no time.

Learn your travel agency business craft

Once you have you business permit you will be able to obtain some packages but you main goal is understanding your craft. You must understand how to use the forms how to order and how to book customers. Learn about your destinations such as Hong Kong and more! You need to know packages and what is going on in the market.

When you arein business you need to know your business! In this case your business is travel and so learn all you can about travel. Learn about the destinations, the peak seasons, the trends and what people prefer to book and when! This is very important, because during the summer time most people will book holidays to Boracay. If people will ask you about hotels in Station 1 or Station 2 what will you say? Do you know what that mean or will you say there are no train stations in Boracay (meaning I know nothing about my business)? A wrong answer instantly scares away a potential customer.

Having the right travel products and tour packages

Next is understanding what travel products and tour packages are suitable for your travel agency business. Not every travel agency needs all the travel products and tour packages that are available in the world! I understand you might want to be the best and offer every hotel in the world! The reality is that you will quickly have a few best sellers where most of your customers want to stay. I know that and in Boracay most people want to stay in Le Carmela the Boracay! This is an absolute bestseller! However, they are very strict in selecting travel agencies and want to make sure you are a real quality travel agency to do business with.

Besides, sometimes you will get a wonderful offer but they migh request a huge amount of cash bound investment. Is that really smart to do? All I can say is that it depends. It depends on your business and if you did your homework “learning your craft” you would be able to answer this question quickly. Knowing your business will help you in selecting the right tour operators and decide what is worth the investment or not.

Start promoting your travel agency

The promotional part of your travel agency will be important and most likely will be the one that takes some time. This is one of the part you have to do the very last of the start up of your travel agency. At this point you have the right tour packages and you know the entire process of how to run your travel agency. So, once you promote you will notice that many people will ask you quotations and that is perfectly fine. You will be able to help them out because you are now fluent and know your craft top to bottom.

Once of the most important thing I can recommend anyone is having a website. A website can be seen as the digital store front of the “MegaMall” of the internet. This an absolute must if you are a home based travel agency without a real office or store front. The website does not have to contain much information, but at least your contact infor. So people can and will find your travel agency and contact or call you! At that points you have to be ready to help them and give your very best!

I want to start a home based travel agency can you help me?

The steps to starting out a home based travel agency always look very easy. In reality getting the right tour packages is one of the hardest parts. You need to know the right contacts and gain access to the right people. This is without a shadow of a doubt the hardest part. However, if you do not have the right products your competitors will outpreform you and perhaps put you out of business. Let`s face the reality, a travel agency business is still business. The best products will always sell better than an average product.

I know that the right product is the most important factor and this is the reason why we can help you with a complete travel agency set up. We already have the core knowledge, the main contacts and a solid foundation of experience with managing and running a travel agency business. And this without any prio knowledge about the travel agency. With out entire travel agency set up training you will be fully equipped with the right knowledge the contacts to start out! Contact as right away about our “how to set up a (home based) travel agency package” and get that advance that most of your competitors do not have!

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