How to start a travel agency in the Philippines: Must know!

Are you one of the inspiring entrepreneurs that is considering to start a travel agency in the Philippines? If so, I have some great news for you! Here you have some must known facts that is helpful for your business.

Just recently the Department of Tourism has published some new facts about the entire travel industry. And just like each other year travel is great business. When you start out with travel you always want to have some facts and figures that indicates that the business has potential. Well, if you are in doubt or still researching, read along.

Travel is growing year on year!

Did you know that since 2011 the travel industry is growing each year. You probably know that Korea truly loves Philippines and they travel here in bulk! With almost 500 000 in total from January 2015 to May 2015. If you are interested in an outbound travel agency focusing on the Korean market can be very lucrative.

Perhaps you are considering more inbound travel?

If you want to target on the Philippine market you have to be ready for multiple destinations. We all know that Boracay is the largest destination during the summer period. That is wnderful, but what about during the rain season? At that moment Boracay inquiries will decline dramatically. However, do not worry. It does not mean that after the summer season there is nothing anymore to sell. No, after that you will realize that inquiries for Hong Kong, Singapore and more are increasing.

Understanding travel is understanding trends!

If you understand the fashion business you will also understand trends and seasonality. The travel industries is heavily dependend on multiple trends and events. Most of them you do not have any control over.

Just imagine that there is a huge storm in Hong Kong. If this is the case the Hong Kong inquiries will decline untill the storm settles. But on the other hand, imagine our hero Manny Pacqiou has a match in Macao in November. In that case you will have a huge amount of people who are fighting for a ticket to see the fight live.

Events truly control the travel industry. Besides that the season also impacts everything else. Ever heard of the Cherry Blossoms of Korea or Japan? Seeing those wonderful pink leafs falling. Well, that is only possible during March and April.

Travel is a dynamical business!

Travel is transportation, it is always moving and it never rests! Yes, I am not joking! Even at night planes are flying to other destinations. That makes the business also a wonderful this. You will always discover something new and it is never the same. Really never!

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