Planning to start a travel agency?

Are you planning to start a travel agency? Before you do anything you need to read this first! In this post you will learn quickly what you need to know before you start a travel agency. This is your hands on check list that is truly valuable!

Is it clever to start a travel agency in the Philippines?

People are always asking what is a good business to start? Many will say go in the food franchise like Waffle Time, Buko Juice or anything else. However, not many will tell you about starting a travel agency. Why? Selling food is something visible while selling a travel trip is like selling a dream. It is easy to imagine to sell juice compare to selling an entire travel trip

Can you visualize selling a dream to people? But, do you know that people are willing to pay a higher price if you sell a dream? At the moment the food franchise is a booming business but how often do you want to buy Buko Juice? And how often do you want travel? Most people would prefer to travel far more often than eating outside.

We all love to travel because it creates an experience of a life time!

Travel is an experience. We all pay for a great experience, and if we enjoy it we will be back agian. In the travel industry many people are looking for a high quality travel agency that can help them choose. If you plan out to start a travel agency you have to think of a few things.

  1. Do you like helping people?
  2. Are you a keen observer?
  3. Do you have a passion for travel?

Do you like helping people?

In the travel agency business you are the starting point of someones dream. Imagine you get a call from a person who is asking about Hong Kong and Disneyland. You as a travel agent need to service them from that point on. You will need to answer questions and help them with some suggestions. You have to remember that from the moment they contact you their “travel experience” will start. Helping them friendly and giving advice will definitely help you seal the deal.

Are you a keen observer?

One of the important things of travel is knowing what to suggest and what not. Sometimes you will have a family with kids. Maybe they will ask you about Macau. At this moment you need to know that Macau is the “Las Vegas” of Asia. It is loaded with casino`s and there is not much for kids to see (Unless they are 21 or older). Being keen is being helpful and being helpful is a better chance to book this customer.

Do you have a passion for travel?

As the storefront you must have a passion for travel. Passion excites the customer and they will be eager to book from you. People love to hear the stories from you about the places they want to go. Sharing what you know about the location, the food, the best places to be is the best way to help a customer. Traveling is one of the blessed things anyone can do. Enjoy the service of the hotel, the breakfast they serve you, the places you will see when they pick you up. If you travel you always get a wonderful pampering feeling. We all like to feel like a VIP for a day, with travel you get that feeling. When you have passion for your industry you will even serve your customers with the very best!

What is the future of travel in the Philippines?

Philippines is a booming country. This means that people will have more money to spend and it is growing! The best of all is that a new wave of travellers is here! Normally traveling was meant for people who retired. You retire after your fruitful years of labor and enjoy. Now this is changing. We do not want to wait anymore, we want to travel anytime that is possible. This means more and more people are travelling and they travel for often than before.

This is a wonderful fact to know because this means the entire industry will grow by 2 fold! People have more money to spend and more people of all ages want to travel more often. The future of travel in the Philippines is extremely positive.

Why should I start a (homebased) travel agency?

Perhaps you are already considering to start a business. You have heard about travel agency but you are afraid to start because renting a space cost a fortune. Well, let me tell you immediately that a travel agency business is the most flexible business there is. You can work in an office but it is not neccessary. You also can work from home. All you need is a laptop with an internet connection and you are done. This makes the homebased travel agency business a very attractive business.

Perhaps you just want to earn additional on a part time basis. Well, that is perfectly fine. There are many people who have a wonderful job and have a part time business as a travel agency from home! Yes, it is all possible. The reason why all this is so flexible is because you are not location bound. Imagine you want to travel to Hong Kong but you have a food cart franchise. You will need to hire someone or close it for a few days. With travel you can work even during your holidays. You only need a laptop and internet.

The best part of owning a (homebased) travel agency!

If you have passion for travel, you will truly love this! You can travel more often because traveling is for your “work”. When you want to sell Hong Kong packages you might want to visit and experience Hong Kong yourself. The best excuse if you need a vacation, you can say it is for work! Besides, you will receive a great discount on every tour package you get. And there is even more! You receive free or extreme discounted “fam trips”. These are trips organized by tour operators for travel agents. Because they want you to experience what you will sell!

What kind of trips can you expect?

  1. Free tour package to Seoul in South Korea, yes 100% free! Don`t you want that?
  2. Extreme discounted packages to Bali Indonesia
  3. Heavily discounted China tour package experience!
  4. Free fam trips to HK and Disneyland
  5. Many free fam trips to local destinations in the Philippines.

There is alot more and every year tour operators are doing their very best to offer you as much as possible. Why you might wonder? Well, you are selling their packages and if you experience the package yourself you will sell it better! This makes travel an absolute wonderful business to start!

Discover our “Travel Agency set up Package” and immediately start your own business from home, part time or full time. Do not wait too long, many people do not yet know this great advance but every day you wait you lose your head start!

Travel is absolutely the future and you can be part of this succesful trend that is starting right now!

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