Starting your travel agency business: Making mistakes

Today I will discuss something that is absolutely crucial for everyone who starts a travel agency. When you start out a travel agency you will love it once you have your customers. It feels so good to receive the money from them and on the day they travel you suddenly receive a call.

That call is not one of the most pleasent call that you have. The customer is upset because there is travel. The customer is experiences some trouble because his ticket has not the correct name. The name is missed spelled. This is something that you can fix quickly if you have enough time to deal with it.

What happens that sometimes the customer will notice the wrong spelled name at the moment of check in. This is such a frustrating part of travel agency. You just cannot help it if this issue is announced at the very last minute. Contacting the operator will take time and they will need some time usually 24 hours at least to recorrect the mistake.

Why having passion for the business is so crucial.

I will tell you that I  truly hate making mistakes. In the travel business a mistake can be very costly. Sometimes, you will make a mistake that can impact you. However, it is not the mistake that make or break you but the way you handle the mistake. What happens next is far more important than the mistake that occurred.

Do not be sorry, be better!

Learning from your mistakes is very important. Do not consider the mistake too much. Rather make sure you create a solution so that mistake will never happen occur agian. I will tell you that making mistakes is an unavoidable fact of life. It is nothing bad except that in travel mistakes can be a hassle. Fixing everything takes time but essential. However, it is not about the mistake at all. The story of mistakes is you! How you deal with it will determine your entire future!

Passion keeps you motivated during your darkest days in travel agency!

When you build your travel agency you will learn quickly that having a passion is so crucial. Travelling is fun and I truly love it. When you run your travel agency business you should love it that much that you forgive yourself. You forgive yourself for every mistake you make. When I talked to other travel agency business owners they always share their experiences. Many of them are wonderful experiences, but also many are things they learned while doing the business.

You will hear the most wonderful stories such as receive a free trip to a country to learn more about their products. It is wonderful to hear that travel agents are invited to visit many different hotels to understand they quality of service. You even will be invited to special events and have gatherings with other travel agents. It is so much fun, and of course sometimes you discover that you have a annoying client! One that asks you everything, everyday. You cannot avoid these high demanding customers. In every business you have those type of customers.

But there is a real difference between travel and any other business

Even with a very demanding customer there is always one benefit of travel. When you start a travel agency you will meet so many people that truly love to travel and they share their experience. It is so great to hear from them and they will personally or by a testimonial thank you for realizing their dream experience. If you are in travel you want to give every body their dream holiday experience. You are alsways there with the best intension. So receive that acknowledgement from your customers is a blessed experience.

The best of all is that these customer will be a friend and loyal to your travel agency for a life time. This is such a big difference compare to a normal business where you just sell groceries or anything else. Selling travel have so much meaning and that is wonderful. If you really want to do something meaningful, start and sell travel. Because you will create someone dream! What else is can be so much more satisfying that realizing other peoples dream?

Do you also want to realize other peoples dream in the travel industry?

Learn more about the complete package of how to set up your (home based) travel agency and get started right away!

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